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ICORR'07 - 10th international conference on rehabilitation robotics

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Submission Instructions

Submission section for new papers is closed

Scientific paper:

Please feel free to contact Just Herder, Program Chair, with any questions

Please note: Main differences with previous editions of ICORR are that:
  1. Instead of abstracts, full papers will be solicited (see formatting guidelines).
  2. There will be several presentation formats (Interactive, Podium, Laboratory, Special Sessions) but all these require the submission of full papers and will appear all equivalently and indistinguishably in the Proceedings. Most presentations will be interactive (see also the tentative program), having the following facilities:
    • A small booth with a table, power outlet, (wireless) internet and a large board are available for each individual interactive presentation. An example can be viewed here.
    • Physical prototypes or scale models, video or animations, continuous slide show presentation, and one or more posters can be used to support interaction with the conference delegates.
    • Authors will have the opportunity to advertise their Interactive Presentation during a one-minute mini presentation on the main podium (Fast-Forward session).
    • One-and-a-half hour of scheduled presentation is available for interactive presenters. The booth will be available to interactive presenters for half a day (i.e. morning or afternoon).
    • The interactive presentation format is optimized for in-depth discussions with delegates specifically interested in your topic.
Presentation Formats:

ICORR2007 will have the following presentation formats:
  • Regular Sessions: All regular scientific papers will be grouped around the Themes of the conference. They can be scheduled for presentation as an Interactive Presentation or a Podium Presentation.
  • Laboratory Sessions: ICORR2007 will also solicit papers that give a vision on the future lines of research of a specific research group. Research group leaders are invited to provide an overview of their intended research in the next 10-20 years and to reflect on the development of the field in that period. These papers may also be used in the Anniversary Symposium.
  • Special Sessions: Both invited contributions and regular scientific papers can be submitted to a variety of Special Sessions.
  • Anniversary Symposium: To celebrate the 10th issue of ICORR, a roadmap symposium will be organized to take place directly after the conference, see special announcement.

Formatting Guidelines:

All papers, regardless of presentation format, both invited and freely submitted, should comply with the following formatting guidelines:
  • Deadlines: These are displayed under Important Dates at the Conference Website.
  • Downloadable templates/sample papers: LaTeX and MS-Word templates should be used for formatting your manuscript. For complete instructions on each: PDFhelp.
  • Page limits: The page limit for all papers is between 4 and 12 pages. Papers with less than 4 or more than 12 pages will not be accepted.
  • PDF submission: All papers must be submitted to the conference website in PDF format. Formatting will be tightly constrained at the time of final submission to assure that the searchable IEEE-format will be satisfied. PDF eXpress will be made available to check your PDF files.
  • It is recommended that your draft paper complies with the above guidelines, including the PDF eXpress compatibility, in order to check your paper length. In any case, you final paper must comply with all guidelines.
  • At least one author must register for the Conference and present the paper.
  • Failure to comply with this rule will result in elimination of the paper from the Proceedings.
Uploading your draft paper (deadline: February 4th, 2007):
  • Do not send your paper by email but use the OpenConf webtool available at the Conference website, see link at the bottom of this page.
  • Select the OpenConf link on this page.
  • You will find a menu with the following entries:
    • Submit a paper: use this entry for each new paper submission. Follow the instructions on the screen, and select your preferred Theme. As much as possible we will try to schedule your paper according to your preferences.
    • Edit your submission: use this entry to modify your administrative details
      (except your paper itself, see next entry
    • Re-upload paper: use this entry to upload a new version of your paper (this is possible up to the submission deadline)
    • View paper: use this entry to check your paper submission
  • Only the contact author will receive email about the status of the paper. It is therefore important that contact authors will read their email regularly.
Uploading your final paper (deadline: May 10, 2007):

IEEE PDF eXpress
IEEE requires all papers to be verified for IEEE compatibility before they can be included in the Conference Proceedings or IEEE Xplore. First of all, please make sure that your document was created based on the template provided at under Formatting Guidelines. Then please proceed as follows:

  • Step 1: Verify your document:
    • Subsequently, please go to the IEEE PDF eXpress site at: -
    • Click on the link "New Users - Click Here" -
    • Fill in your information. You will need the Conference ID which is: icorr07
    • Help is available from the link “Using IEEE PDF eXpress” in the left margin.
    • You can either verify a PDF that you created yourself or have your source file transformed into PDF. These options are equivalent.
    • If you let PDF eXpress transform your file into PDF the newly made PDF will be sent to you as an email attachment: be sure to CHECK THIS DOCUMENT because comments are placed in the text in case of detected errors (for instance Error! Reference source not found)
    • In case errors were detected please revise your document and do not “Create New Title” but click the “Try Again” link.
    • The whole procedure may take considerable time. Confirmation emails will be sent after each step has completed.
  • Step 2: Upload your verified document - PDF eXpress is not a document collection site.

Copyright form
MS Word or PDF versions of the IEEE Copyright Form can be downloaded from: Please complete the form and sign it.

Then do one of two options:

  • Scan the form and send PDF version of it by email to
  • Fax the form to ICORR2007 attn Ms Dascha Groenewegen: +31-15-2692111

Other required documents
Please refer to the Program area ( for instructions on the required submission of your Digest Slide (all authors) and Fast Forward Slides (if applicable). 

  • People considering a special proposal, such as a Special Session, Workshop or Tutorial, are encouraged to contact Just Herder, Co-Chair and Program Chair of the conference, for more information.
  • Organizers are free to format their session (e.g. podium or interactive sessions, scheduling, etc). Please indicate whether the session is open to submissions or accepts invited submission only.
  • Please provide in your application the type of special event (session, workshop or tutorial) a title, organizers name(s), affiliation(s), and contact information, an abstract (100-300 words), intended audience, estimated number of participants, proposed format, and anticipated duration (e.g. 2 hours, half-day, full-day).
  • We will let you know as soon as possible of our decision whether or not to accept your Special Session. Please do indicate any features distinguishing it from any of the Conference Themes already specified (see the topics on the conference home page).
  • We are attempting to keep the whole conference single track. We have reserved time for Special Sessions on the Tuesday directly preceding the conference. There will also be a Special Session (i.e. the Anniversary Symposium) right after the conference (Friday afternoon).
  • The Special Sessions will be scheduled as close to the conference as possible (most likely Tuesday, June 12, possibly followed by an early bird reception).
  • Special session organizers may decide on the format (podium/interactive) and duration of the presentations and the session (e.g. 2 hrs, half day, full day), and also whether or not you wish to open their session for non-invited papers.
  • Organizers will serve as review coordinators for the papers in their session. Their formal role will be Theme Co-Chair, which implies that they will be (special) members of the Scientific Program Committee. These members will be added to the list of Theme Co-Chair that is presently available on the conference website.
  • Authors can submit their papers to a special session in the same way as to any Theme of the conference by selecting it during the online submission process.
  • Papers submitted to a special session will be treated as any other paper (same formatting requirements, same review process, and inclusion in the Proceedings as any other paper).
  • Attendees to the workshop pay a contribution of 75 euro (for room rental and coffee/tea, subject to change, hopefully we will be able to find a sponsor). Organizers and paper contributors are exempted from this fee. Special sessions will be indicated on the registration form. Those who are interested can tick the appropriate box.
  • Also invited papers should be submitted as any scientific paper. Hence the above formatting requirements apply.
  • A limited number of travel awards are also available for consumers of rehabilitation robotics technology (e.g. individuals with disabilities that are not researchers).
  • Please contact Gert Jan Gelderblom, Co-Chair and User Involvement Chair of the conference, with questions or for more information.

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